Sapiens or Beasts?

Posted on agosto, 2018

These are some photos that I wish they did not exist. But since they exist, I want everyone to see. A portrait of the current state of the oceans, which provide us with essential elements for human life as oxygen and food.

Disposable products (especially those made of plastic) are littering the planet and our oceans have never been so polluted. A recent UN report, made by scientists around the world, set the alarm. The situation is serious and the problem is for all of us.

  • About 90% of the seabirds on the planet have plastic in their bodies
  • Contamination also affects a large number of species of fish that have already ingested some type of plastic and can stop on our plates
  • Fishing in Asia is declining and will reach zero at most in 2050
  • The availability of fresh water in the Americas has halved since 1950
  • 40% of European species of animals have disappeared in the last decade.



Have you stopped to think what you can do to reverse this?

The idea of ​​this post is to show the gigantic problems caused by diapers, absorbents, straws, swabs (among other products) and point out viable and ecological alternatives already available in the market.

The best way to cause less negative impact on the planet is to produce, consume, and discard less.
A great tip to start rethinking our impact on the planet now is to adopt the five Rs of the Zero Waste movement, created by Bea Johnson, from Zero’s blog


REFUSE gifts, proof of purchase

REDUCE the amount of purchases and things you already have. The idea is to just stick with what you use. And that way you will use everything you have. Donate or sell to tallow and thrift stores.

REUSE as much as possible before throwing away. Eliminate disposable products such as napkins, cups, cutlery, bottled water, shopping bags …

RECYCLE everything you give in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Buy used products, made with recyclable materials, that can guarantee a circular economy. AVOID THE PLASTIC MAXIMUM.

ROT the organic waste instead of sending it to a landfill. Have a proper compost heap for your home and turn your trash into compost to land.

Remember, there is no play out, the planet is one! It is a question of solidarity and survival. Man does not exist without animals. I have already changed my individual habits, now we have to elect (and charge!) Politicians who are really committed to the environment, as well as pushing companies to adopt a more circular system with the maximum impact reduction.

Ah, sharing social networks with knowledge and things that really matter can be the first step to getting back to being the Wise Man, and I hope you do it, but we NEED to change our individual habits with urgency!

The book A Life Without Trash (account @umanosemlixo on Instagram) was an important source of inspiration for this post. I recommend reading.

Images: Reproduction

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