Sergio Marone, Far beyond a TV Heartthrob

Posted on julho, 2018

Sergio Marone lives a moment of stability and maturity, both personally and professionally. Always evolving, Marone has just given life to a controversial character, the evil Ricardo Montana in “Apocalipse”. And with it came personal questions about good, evil and our current reality.

“I could even say that I see Ricardo Montana in several Brazilian politicians. It’s good to talk about it to open the eyes of the public, politics and religion should not mix“ he commented. With more than 17 years of career, Marone has been collecting outstanding characters and learning a little with each one of them. But always with a lot of focus and determination. And so he is ready for new challenges that go beyond the role of an actor.

You have just participated in the novel “Apocalipse”, on Record TV, how do you evaluate this work? Was there any bigger challenge you had not proven before?
The biggest challenge of “Apocalipse” was the huge amount of text to study in such a short time. The rhythm of a telenovela is challenging and Ricardo Montana had many speeches, was quite verbose. It was a very big challenge to make that villain.

The war between good and evil is eternal. How do you see it these days?
I believe that good and evil are within us all, war begins there. Every day we have to make choices and with them we have the opportunity to be good or bad. In a wider context, I think there are more good people in the world, but evil is more organised.

In this work, could you see the traces of the present day in the plot? How did it touch you?
A lot! I could even say that I see Ricardo Montana in several Brazilian politicians. It is good to talk about this subject to open the eyes of the public, for politics and religion should not mix. Not always a religious person is good, one thing has nothing to do with the other.

Since your TV debut in 2001, you have spent more than 17 years in your career and many jobs. What are the most significant moments for you as an actor and as a person?
There are several moments. I have a huge affection for Santiago (my TV debut in “Estrela Guia”), Ceceu in Gloria Perez’s “O Clone”, for Nicholas, character created by Walcyr Carrasco in “Caras e Bocas” and for Ramses of “Os Dez Mandamentos”, which certainly represents a major change in my career. I learned a lot from all the opportunities I had as a TV presenter and as a person I could say that my accomplishments are based on my travels and my understanding as a human being on this huge and beautiful planet. It is very significant to aggregate launching a video like #ParedeChupar, spreading such an important message, making people reflect through straw plastic consumption in their daily routine. A clean environment is not the cleanest, but the least dirty. After all, good planets are hard to find.

You even got to act as presenter and reporter in “Dancing Brazil”. Did you feel challenged in these new roles?
Yes. Getting out of the ordinary stimulates me. But I confess that presenting a live winter festival on Chilean TV in Spanish was one of my biggest challenges.

When you get a negative review what weight does it have for you? What weighs more, much praise or a negative criticism?
The most important thing ever, is communication. A criticism, even negative, establishes communication do you understand? We’re there brother!

As an actor when you feel more challenged?
With characters that distance themselves from my personality. They take me out of my comfort zone.

And as a man, how do you feel nowadays with so much policing and the politically correct ever stronger?
As a human being, I believe that respect is the basis of everything, and that there is a very thin line between flirtation and harassment. It all depends on tone and context.

What is worse, a macho woman or a too much feminist man?
Any label is very annoying.

What is your characteristic that you are proud of? And what defect would you change?
I am focused and I am always in the search of an evolution as a man and a professional, expanding my view on the human being and the world. I’m impulsive and this can sometimes be a fault, I need to take care of myself.

And what do you love about women? What do you look for and admire?
Spontaneity, complicity, interaction, chemistry, mutual respect and sense of humor. But I do not look for anything in that sense, I think that everything is a matter of energy and how we interact with it.

You are always in shape. How do you take care of your body and what is your routine and diet?
I tame a lazy lion a day, I face my biggest enemy, my lazy mind. I set up a workout routine, followed by a personal trainer and Dr. Theo, my endocrinologist, I take care of the skin and I am always attentive and selecting natural foods and without pesticides.

Sergio Marone by Jonathan Giuliani

Do you consider yourself a vain man? How much?
Healthily vain. I train, I like to dress well, clean and moisturise my face with a line of vegan and high technology products developed exclusively for men. That is it!

In your spare moments what do you do?
I exchange ideas with friends, I go to the movies, to the theater, I listen to music…

When do you want peace where do you go search for it?
In nature.

With the end of “Apocalipse” what are your next projects? Something in sight or just resting?
I’m always boiling, right now I’m developing a format for a TV Show, I want to be more active as a presenter in that media. I am also producing a feature film, “Jesus Kid” (by Lourenco Mutareli) directed by Aly Muritiba, among some other ideas.

Original article published on Mensch Magazine in July 2018
Images by Jonathan Giuliani

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